Shinewell Consulting delivers affordable business solutions through global software development. We think we are able do this better than most because of our OneShore™ model. To date, most IT executives have been forced to choose between the traditional onshore and offshore models for their projects. The former means paying high cost. The latter means low cost but with limited project management and domain experience. Both models also are limited by the traditional 8-9 hour workday, which translates to longer project cycle times.

With Shinewell's OneShore™ model, we leverage our global resource pool to build a project team that has very strong consulting and technical expertise. And because this team is concurrently working on a client's project in multiple locations, in essence we are working for them 24 hours a day. Our OneShore™ model inherently brings clients significant cost and time savings. And, most importantly, where the work gets done is irrelevant to the client.